Autor: JENSEN, William A. – SALISBURY, Frank B.
Ed. Wadswort Publishing Company. Belmont, California, 1984.
ISBN: 0534029000
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2ª Edición.

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699 pg. + Glossary. ILLUSTRATED. << CONTENTS: 1. The science of botany. 2. Molecular structures and functions of cells. 3. The structures of cells. 4. Water, solutes, and membranes. 5. Energy flow through cells: photosynthesis. 6. Energy flow trough cells: Respiration. 7. Mitosis and meiosis. 8. Genetics: the basis of variation. 9. The gene and protein synthesis. 10. Cells and tissues. 11. Primary growth: the root. 12. Primary growth: the shoot. 13. secondary growth: shoots and roots. 14. Plants nutrition, soils, and transpiration. 15. transport in plants. 16. Growth and development: plant hormones and growth regulators. 17. Coordination of development with days and seasons. 18. Evolution. 19. The origin, evolution, and classification of organisms. 20. Kingdom monera and viruses. 21. Kingdom protista. 22. Kingdom fungi. 23. Kingdom plantae: Algae. 24, Kingdom plantae: division bryophyta. 25. Kingdom plantae: divisions psilophyta, lycophyta, sphenophyta, pterophyta. The seedless vascular plants. 26. Kingdom plantae: divisions cycadophyta, coniferophyta, ginkgophyta and gneophyta. the gymnosperms. 27. Kingdom plantae: division angiospermophyta. The angiosperms. 28. Angiosperms:taxonomy and major groups. 29. Plant responses to environment: physiological ecology. 30. understanding vegetation: populations, communities and ecosystems. >>

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